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A Plate Worth Talking About

The GreatPlate is the easiest and most convenient way to hold your food and drink hassle free.  Don't struggle to juggle both and keep them in the same hand.  

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Stacked Higher than the Competition.

Not only are our plates Great - But no Great Plate is complete without one of our Great Cups - They fit perfectly inside your Great Plate and are perfect for parties & events.

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Coasters, Like You've never seen before.

Tired of spilled drinks on picnics or at the lake? We were too! We developed The Great Coaster™ to eliminate the problem of drinks spilling by creating a stable place for your drinks anywhere! No more putting your soda in the hot sand.

No more spending 10 minutes trying to get your bottle to stand upright in the grass, The Great Coaster™ fits a wide range of cup, can, and bottle sizes so you can focus on life, not spilt milk (or soda or water or anything else!).

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Because it Matters!

The Great Plate™ is a food grade, BPA free plastic plate that is microwave and dishwasher safe. We made it to be durable and stackable too! Our company is in Wisconsin, and YES! Our plates are manufactured in Wisconsin too.

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  • Barbecue Plate

    Perfect for when you're barbecuing and need a plate to pass around to everyone invited.

  • Camping Plate

    Out camping? No problem. Our plates are super portable and can fit easily in your backpack for your next camping trip!

  • Party Plate

    One of the most common uses - for parties! From appetizers, to chips & dip - It's the perfect plate to pass around to all your guests!

  • Buffet Tray

    Because of the way we've sectioned the Great Plate - It's able to hold different assortments of foods and is great for buffets!

  • Movie Night Tray

    Perhaps some chips & dip? Or even some popcorn! Whichever it may be - The Great Plate is absolutely GREAT for that Movie Night you might have planned.

  • Frisbee

    That's right! People even use the Great Plate as a Frisbee! It's great for a quick outdoor activity and is something to keep you busy while the foods getting ready!