About Us

The One Plate that Does It All!


The Great Plate™ was created in a flash of genius. One of our founders saw a precariously-placed drink on the edge of the sofa and knew there had to be a solution to this everyday problem...and The Great Plate™ was born!  
Our journey has been long, and every day we've found new and exciting ways to use The Great Plate™. It's the perfect drink coaster to balance snacks and beverages when you're lounging on the couch, floating in a pool or having a picnic or BBQ. The Great Plate™ even flies like a flying disc, so we know you will find creative ways to use your Great Plate™. 
We have made many improvements along the way, such as using FDA virgin resin polypropylene so the plates are safe to eat off of, are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, 100% recyclable and even BPA free! The unique design of The Great Plate™ allows them to stack compactly and separate just as easily when it's time to pass around plates to your guests.  

The specially designed underside allows even the smallest hands to securely grip The Great Plate™. The Great Plate™allows you to balance your beverage and plate, eliminating spills and keeping your other hand free. Additionally, a special air pocket allows The Great Plate™ and its contents to float on water for those lazy days at the lake or when you are entertaining a poolside party!
What can we say, we dare you to find a plate that is more comfortable to hold, more well balanced, and easier to clean. So whether you're chillin' on the couch, tailgating at the game, or just trying not to spill your drink at your desk, The Great Plate™ is the perfect solution!